Tips For Farmers on Exhibiting Local Produce at Festivals

If you are a farmer or a distributor of produce, attending events and festivals is a good way of getting people to know and buy your wares. Such events always attract a large group, especially those from within the same community. As much as it is never a competition on which farmer sells the most or gets the most attention, farmers should put some effort into ensuring that their exhibition is a success. Tips that will help are as follows.

Make Early Preparations

When farmers hear about an upcoming produce event, they should start making plans if they want to be part of the exhibition. It begins by calling the organizers and booking for space. They should then decide the things that they will display. If they have a lot of produce, they should carry a sample of each, while stocking up more on what the farmers think will be in demand if they plan to make sales. Starting early also means that they should arrive soon enough in the day of the exhibition so that they do not get overwhelmed and struggle to find space once the event has started.

Think of Display

The display plays a big role in how the exhibition will tie-up. People like it when they see that some thought and effort was put in the arrangement. They should also display the products in a way that is sturdy so that things do not fall off and scatter when someone touches them. Since there is likely to be high human traffic at the event, everything should be displayed well to avoid accidents.

Get Proactive and Interactive

Farmers who interact freely with attendees at the exhibition and those who are open to answering questions are often the ones who get more people. The farmers should think of it as an opportunity to interact and create future contacts and networks.