Getting Sponsorship and Funds for Produce Exhibitions

If you are planning an exhibition for farmers to come and bring their produce, it always helps to get some form of sponsorship for the event to be successful. There are aspects that you will have to pay for, including the venue and other logistics that come with hosting such an event. Some of the ways event planners can get sponsorship are as follows.

Selling Tickets

Having a sale of entry tickets for people who want to attend the event is one of the ways to get funding. With proper marketing and involving the community to participate, you can actually get a large number of people who are open to buying tickets to attend the exhibition. Planners can also have a modest registration fee for farmers who want to participate so that they can get some funds to pay for the venue in case they are renting it for the duration of the exhibition.

Approaching Corporates

It helps to identify corporates who have always shown interest in working with the community or those who have had other sponsorship events with local farmers. If you are a planner, you can present a proposal on the kind of sponsorship that event needs, and how the corporates can come in as sponsors or partners. To get corporate support, you need to start the preparation early so that they can put in their calendar and budget.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding through social media platforms is becoming a popular way to get sponsorship and funds. The right crowdfunding message is always the one that has an emotional appeal and makes people want to reach into their pockets to donate or sponsor an activity. You can involve different members of the community to help in spreading the message so that you get as many people as possible to get involved in crowdfunding the event.