Using Social Media to Sell Tickets For Produce Exhibitions

Produce exhibitions have many benefits, both for the community that is buying the products, and the farmers who grow them. It always takes a lot of effort and planning to come up with a good marketing campaign that will get people to attend such events. Since most farmers always bring fresh produce for such exhibitions, it helps if a lot of people attend, increasing the likelihood of the farmers making good sales. Using social media can be a powerful tool in getting people interested in attending the events. The trick is to have the right strategy when using social media to ensure that many people buy the tickets.

Make Detailed Posts

When putting up posts, you should be very detailed in explaining the events and other details of buying tickets. Your post should describe what the exhibition is about, where it will be held, who is likely to attend, a sample of some of the products that will be showcased and how people and the community will benefit when the tickets are sold. The posts should also give a proper guide on how the tickets can be bought, the cost, and whether they are available online.

Use Different Platforms

You should explore all the available social media platforms, especially popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Whatsapp. Try and be as creative as possible when using the platforms. Add interesting details like images of past events, videos of farmers explaining how the exhibition makes a difference to them, and make sure that you make regular posts so that many people can see the message.

Use an Influencer

It always helps to use an influencer such as celebrities and sports personalities to assist in pushing the message. Endorsements on social media help in boosting traffic. In local communities, using opinion leaders such as religious heads and political figures can also help in selling tickets online.